I have learned that an adjustable gas block allows “tuning” the amount of gas that operates the weapon through extensive testing over the years, shooting 300 BLK from a DI AR. Bullets make a similar noise, although not nearly as earth rumbling, that is very recognizable and isn’t always advantageous in combat. Even at 300 yards holdover is nearly 9 feet. We have some IMR 4227 and Federal gold match AR small rifle primers to load with using once fired Hornady brass and Lake City 5.56 converted to 300 BLK. The. A whole new world of hunting and target-shooting options open with that difference, a fact sometimes obscured by the cartridge’s subsonic and military roots. Although the 300 Blackout’s effective range depends on the shooter and application, the chart above provides rough guidelines for consideration. They lack the mass to carry a proportionate level of energy at downrange, though. 2. The .300 BLK bullets are 0.30 inch in diameter (7.62 mm) and the .223 Rem (5.56 mm) is 0.224 inch. The speed of sound is 1,275 feet per second (fps) at sea level and varies slightly with temperature and atmospheric pressure. Available in 110 Grain TAC-TX FB and 120 Grain TAC-TX BT in VOR-TX Ammunition and TAC-TX reloading components, Barnes legitimized the 300 Blackout as an extremely lethal hunting cartridge. See, Anyone else's New Years Resolution to be buy more. Selecting the best barrel length for the .300 BLK can be a double-edged sword. It was built with a Satern button-rifled barrel with the gas block in the carbine position. .300 Blackout Loads for a Bolt Rifle Whisper to Blackout CSharles E. Petty ome years ago I spent some time shooting with J.D. Both use AR-15/M4 magazines and cartridge-carrying capacity is identical. I load 17.5 grains of H110 for the 300 Blackout, CCI 400 primers OAL 2.060. Average velocity was 922 fps. The 300 Blackout’s .30 caliber bullet can be made especially long, and as the result may weigh up to … An SD of 20 fps and acceptable extreme spread kept the bullets subsonic in 80-degree weather. As always, train with your rifle and make sure you know your intended purpose before you buy. 300 HAM'R RELOADING DATA EFFECTIVE SEPT 15, 2020 AND SUPERCEDES ALL PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED DATA 130gr Speer HAM'R HOT-CORE 2.175" Shooters World SOCOM 20.7gr 2150fps 23.0gr 2375fps 130gr Speer HAM'R HOT-CORE 2.175" Accurate 1680 23.6gr 2125fps 26.2gr 2350fps 135gr Sierra Hollow Point 2.230" Hodgdon CFEBLK 24.2gr 2150fps 26.9gr 2400fps He likes both topics so much that he wrote the C… The ES was 44 fps, and the SD was 19 fps. Shooting was conducted from a concrete reinforced bench, and five-shot groups were fired at 100 yards. Runs in my frankenar fine and burns pretty clean. The military roots still show in the selection subsonic loads, although it’s neighborly friendly to ditch that familiar “crack” as the bullet breaks the sound barrier—whether it’s quieted at the muzzle by a suppressor, or not. Every load and weapon combination won’t fit in the allotted space for this article, so I’ll focus on a select few loads from a couple of rifles. That’s serious power up close, but that slow speed and heavyweight takes a toll at 500 yards. 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum Load Data; 28 Nosler Load Data; 300 AAC Blackout Load Data; 30-30 Winchester Load Data; 30/40 Krag Load Data; 308 Marlin Express Load Data; 300 Savage Load Data; 308 Winchester Load Data; 30 Thompson Center Load Data; 30-06 Springfield Load Data; 300 Ruger Compact Magnum (RCM) Load Data; 308 Norma Magnum Load Data 300 Blackout 115 GR BER TGT FB Hodgdon Trail Boss .308" 2.050" 4.5 965 17,100 PSI 5.5 1,062 18,400 PSI 300 Blackout 125 GR NOS BT Hodgdon Trail Boss .308" 2.060" 6.1 1,060 21,300 PSI 300 Blackout 130 GR SPR HP Hodgdon Trail Boss .308" 2.005" 6.4 967 25,800 PSI I’ve had this rifle shoot rather tight groups with this bullet at 100 yards with other powders, but it leaves evidence of wobble on targets. Moving to subsonics, I loaded 11.5 grains of CFE BLK to get an average velocity of 1,016 fps. I got some time before I had to go to work today to cut,form & load some dummy test rounds for function testing. I have about four or five .30 bullet types laying around , so I chose a Hornady 150 gr. Average velocity from Delta Company Arms AR upper. Results are in inches/foot-pounds of energy and based on a 100-yard zero with the scope 1.5 inches above the bore. Reloading 300 Blackout is fun, easy and enjoyable. Cases were primed with Federal Small Rifle Benchrest primers. The smallest group was 0.998, with the average measuring 1.44 inch. 308 Winchester 7.62x51 18" Barrel 7.62x51 20" Barrel 30-06 Springfield 300 PRC (NEW) 30-378 Weatherby; 300 H&H Magnum 300 Remington Short Action Utlra Mag 300 Norma Magnum (NEW) 300 Winchester Magnum (NEW) 300 WSM 300 Weatherby Magnum 300 Remington Ultra Magnum (NEW) Twitter and other social media icons below. Additional loads are listed in the chart below, so check them out, too. It is cross-compatible with 223 Rem/5.56×45 magazines. Sierra Match King 210-grain bullets on top of 9.2 grains of H110 averaged 1,025 fps. #2115 .308” 150 gr. 11 FS Hodgdon CFE BLK Hodgdon H110 Hodgdon H4198 Hodgdon Lil'Gun Hodgdon Trail Boss Improved Military Rifle IMR 4198 Improved Military Rifle IMR 4227 Ramshot Enforcer VihtaVuori N105 VihtaVuori N110 VihtaVuori N120 Winchester 296 To that end, we’re providing a few favorite loads you may wish to try yourself. 300 BLK Supersonic Hunting Load with 120gr Barnes TAC-TXPowder is Winchester 296Second channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXFoIYwcyKXE99E7XQ_LslQ Even so, I was able to shoot a 1.125-inch group at 100 yards. Yeah.. That's right! At 200 yards, groups open up and I’ve had a few keyhole. Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by mcb, Feb 3, 2020. The more we all know, the better organized and stronger the shooting and hunting community will be. The same 10.2 grains of A1680 averaged 978 fps from the Loki. With supersonic rounds for maximum muzzle velocity to subsonic loads that quiet the roar by slowing the pace. Click "Get Data" to view results. Powders include Hodgdon, Accurate, Vihtavuori, … Wildcatters—gun owners who fabricate and reload cartridges of their own design—experimented for years with a .30-caliber AR-15-friendly version. Sierra Jacketed SP BC: 0.338 2.100” OAL SD: 0.226 Sugg Max StartingVelocity Pressure Load Velocity Pressure Powder Grains FPS Grains A mystique surrounds the .300 BLK (AAC Blackout), and it overshadows this utility player’s ability to deliver All-Star numbers in a variety of roles. I have read the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy, and I hereby agree to those terms. Find what you need in four easy steps. The 210-grain SMK loaded on top of 10.8 grains of A1680 averaged 1,009 fps, and the SD was 19 fps. .⁠ M A X I M U M 1. The average group size measured 2.21 inches, with the smallest at 1.039 inch. Basically, the 300 AAC Blackout (300 BLK) is a .300 Whisper with a longer chamber throat lead. FMJBT Smallest five-shot groups at 100 yards, measured in inches. The ES was 115 fps, and the SD was 34. creates and publishes industry standards for safety, interchangeability, reliability and quality, as well as coordinates technical data for agencies, enthusiasts and manufacturers. Let your fellow shooters know – share this article using the Facebook, and 5.56 NATO loads… So when it comes to looking at cartridge energy and recoil figures, I always rely on my friend Andrew Chamberlain. The odds are good enthusiasts will see diminishing, if any, return for running subsonic cartridges through 18-inch barrels or longer. 1 0 2 0 7 1. The smallest group measured 0.753 inches, and the average for the first 10 groups was 1.213 inches. , in bullet weights that vary from 110- to 220-grains. Trying to match what I believe as a duplicate for Remington’s 220-grain factory load, I placed a SMK on top of 10.8 grains of Accurate 1680. I’m a professional goofball, so I never really got physics. Lack of wind drift alone is a decided advantage, along with a flatter trajectory. Averaging 1,009 fps from a charge of 10.2 grains of A1680, the average group size measured 2.1 inches. At 16-inches, muzzle velocities are near their peak. 300 Blackout’s effective range can stretch quite a bit depending upon your goals. Any discussion on the effective range is a minefield full of opinion best tiptoed over by indicating those figures make the .300 BLK at 300-yard shot territory most comfortable for veteran shooters. *Shaded column displays subsonic load data. If downrange energy is a critical consideration, the last yardage that still carries at least 400-foot-pounds is italicized. AAC’s barrel produced an average of 1,114 fps, which is supersonic. The powders used for this article didn’t show much difference between “pistol gas,” and “carbine gas.” In brief, the powders used for this article required the adjustable gas block screws to be turned out four full turns on the Loki to cycle subsonic loads. Early on, the claimed goal was to have ammunition prices on par with the inexpensive .223 Rem. Engineered exclusively for the 300 Blackout, the competition doesn't compete with the accuracy, terminal performance and wide range of workability the Barnes TAC-TX delivers in … In the chart, Hornady 110gr G-Max Full Boar (2,350 FPS At Muzzle), Hornady 125gr HP American Gunner (2,175 FPS At Muzzle), Hornady 190gr Sub-X Subsonic (1,050 FPS At Muzzle), Who has a rifle competitions planned for 2021? Popularity of the 300 AAC Blackout continues to track upward as Remington’s capacity to produce factory fodder caught up with demand for this reborn cartridge. This carbine would be used to gather data on Hodgdon’s new CFE BLK powder, which is formulated specifically for 300 BLK subsonic loads. *Velocities determined with an Oehler 35P chronograph 10 feet from the muzzle. Jumping over to the DoubleStar and Hodgdon’s new CFE BLK powder, I worked up a load for the 110-grain Barnes TTSX, which is a dandy whitetail and hog bullet. Full-power loads cycled properly with the gas block screw turned out one full turn. This .30-caliber bullet at 500 yards drops by less than 9 feet (21 less than the subsonic version) and it carries 362-foot-pounds of energy there. Stay in touch with Widener's, be the first to know about new articles, products, and more. The standard deviation of 19 fps made this an excellent cast bullet load. Planes that increase their velocity until it reaches and exceeds that mark generates a sonic boom. In the chart, bold-faced entries indicate the last distance at which each Hornady load drops less than 5 feet in different length barrels—for those uncomfortable dialing in or holding over 60 inches. 5.56 & 300 BLK data is based on Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition 6.8 SPC data is based on Wilson Combat Ammunition 277 WLV data is based on Midsouth Munitions … High-velocity loads cycled well with the gas screw turned out one full turn. Most other bullets were seated just shy of the magazine’s maximum length, but a few bullet profiles had to be pushed past the ogive to improve feeding. Widener’s offers a variety of loads, in bullet weights that vary from 110- to 220-grains. Here, Jay Langston tests multiple loads in a couple of different ARs. The Hornady Sub-X 190-grain load, for example, exits the muzzle of a 16-inch barrel at 1,050 fps, where it is carrying 465 foot-pounds of energy. To order a copy, visit outdoorgroupstore.com. Factory bullets cost between 30 and 45 cents each, but I have nearly five tons of smelted wheel weights that I can turn into projectiles. There its drop is more than 30 feet (with a 100-yard zero) and energy drops to 309 foot-pounds. The average velocity was 992 fps, with standard deviation of 16 fps, and an extreme spread of 51 fps. .300 Whisper / .300 AAC Blackout / .300 Blackout (Pistol Loads) reloading data with 45 loads. The average velocity was 1,069 fps, but the load’s extreme spread of 96 fps put a few rounds above the sound barrier. 2 6 0. All testing was conducted with an AAC Cyclone suppressor in place. Now-defunct Loki Weapons Systems built a Patrol Rifle with an adjustable gas block in 300 BLK for an article I wrote several years ago. Followers 0. A mystique surrounds the .300 BLK (AAC Blackout), and it overshadows this utility player’s ability to deliver All-Star numbers in a variety of roles. It’s not enough to keep velocities below the 1,080 fps threshold at sea level when loading subsonic rounds; they will still be too fast to keep noise at acceptable levels when using a suppressor. I really like the idea of shooting heavy cast bullet loads in 300 BLK, owing to the economy they provide. Sep 19, 2018, Stay in the know with the latest from the Tactical-Life newsletter, WATCH: ATF Agent James Burk Tased by Columbus Police, Files Suit, Ruger Custom Shop Precision Rifle Launches in 6mm Creedmoor, Burris Introduces 3 New Thermal Sights for Night Shooting, Savage Renegauge Competition: Comes Race-Ready for 3-Gun, Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun news, gun reviews and gun magazines for gun enthusiasts, military and law enforcement, You use of this website constitutes and manifests your acceptance of our. He took a small cartridge –the .221 Fireball –blew it out to .30 caliber and, using heavy bullets, turned it into an accurate round that did some neat stuff. Another issue associated with this cartridge is how much pressure is needed to cycle a direct gas impingement system without “over gassing.” This comes into play when considering the use of fast-burning powders that expend their gas energy in the first few inches of the barrel. Select your cartridge type from the drop-down list. A mystique surrounds the .300 BLK (AAC Blackout), and it overshadows this utility player’s ability to deliver All-Star numbers in a variety of roles. The 300 AAC Blackout (300 BLK) is a popular alternative cartridge in the AR-15/M16 M4 (AR) community. Standard deviation of loads was rounded to the nearest whole number, and average velocity was for 10 shots. ALL Accurate 1680 Accurate 4100 Accurate 5744 Accurate LT-30 Accurate No. The case heads are identical on 223 Rem and 300 BLK ammo, which makes the bolts on both interchangeable in many cases. It averaged 982 fps, which seems to be a threshold for truly quiet suppressed loads. This article was originally published in “The Complete Book of Reloading” 2018. The 220-grain Sierra Match King (SMK) is the gold standard in bullets for the BLK. In fact, a .308 with 200-210gr bullets is hardly breaking a sweat at 2,400fps, which is faster than .300 Blackout can manage with compressed loads and lightweight bullets. 3 6 8 1. The longer throat allows the safe use of trimmed and sized 5.56mm NATO brass without the malfunctions associated with thicker-walled brass. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The .300 Whisper’s throat measures .050, while the 300 BLK measures .100 of an inch. Lyman’s 210-grain round nose mould produces a final weight of 212 grains with an alloy of three parts pure lead and one part clip-on wheel weights. CQB isn’t a place where bright flashes coming out of a barrel are an advantage, so using a 22-inch tube won’t help much, if at all. The well-known terminal performance of that Sub-X bullet, however, does make the load an ear-friendly option for some who hunt at relatively short distances. At 10-inches, muzzle velocity hasn’t reached its peak. Hodgdon ®, IMR ® and Winchester ® powders neither assume nor authorize any person to assume for it any liability in connection with the use of any product or data. If you didn’t before, you can now easily see there are many factors to consider when selecting the best barrel length for your .300 BLK rifle and determine the effective range of the caliber. Nosler Ballistic Tip 125-grain. Cleaning Guns: Why and How Often Should You? Finding cheap military 5.56mm NATO brass to cut down for 300 BLK ammo is much easier than necking up .221 Remington Fireball brass, … Head over to our blog because we are, We have bulk ammo ready to send your way! bullets. 300 AAC Blackout (7.62 x 35 mm) (300 BLK) 125 gr. Basically, the 300 AAC Blackout (300 BLK) is a .300 Whisper with a longer chamber throat lead. Since my casting equipment has long since recovered its initial startup cost, and my lead didn’t cost any more than the fuel to drive my truck to pick them up and smelt them, my final cost is about two cents per round. Reloading for the 300 BLK is easy and enjoyable. The actual weight was 208 grains, and they were sized .309. AAC’s thoughts on the matter center on using a non-adjustable carbine-position gas block, and finding powders that perform well with that gas block’s position. Suppressors minimize the chances of a sniper being located by sound, but they simply reduce audible emissions from their firearm’s muzzle end, not a projectile’s characteristic “crack.” To avoid it from giving a shooter’s position, subsonic .300 BLK loads use heavier bullets and adjusted powder charges—often tailored for a complete burn in a short barrel. It didn’t take long for engineers at two of the industry’s finest to solve the problem, though. Fast Facts About 300 Blackout. It will leave tear patterns in the target that indicate an unstable bullet, and shooting with this powder proved no different. RIFLE RELOADING DATA FILES (PDF) 20 caliber (.204 dia) 204 Ruger 39. Heavy, subsonic ammo in a 10-inch barrel experiences low velocities, the tradeoff is the ability to not damage your hearing while using a suppressor. The SD was 14 fps, which helped the load print MOA groups. For purposes of clarity, I consent to Athlon's collection, storage, processing, and transfer of my Personal Data and Non-Personal Data (as defined in the Privacy Policy) for the purpose of signing up for the email newsletter. The tightest measured 0.890 inch. Posted: 1/18/2014 1:05:56 PM EST He apparently did get physics and he really likes guns. Regardless of the position it plays, the .300 BLK’s performance often hinges on finding the best barrel length and load combination for the distance you have in mind. This rig sports a full-length skeletonized handguard and a minimalist buttstock. With select loads this rifle prints 0.75-MOA five-shot groups at 100 yards, so I added it to my collection. 34 ... RIFLE RELOADING DATA 5 300 AAC Blackout RIFLE RELOADING DATA 6 INDICATES MAXIMUM LOAD - USE CAUTION LOADS LESS THAN MINIMUM CHARGES SHOWN ARE NOT RECOMMENDED. By clicking the 'I Agree' button, I understand/accept and will agree to abide by … Versions include FMJ, with or without boattails, open tip match or open tip flat base and cartridges with Hornady’s SST V-Max, Sub-X or hollow points. I’ve included two loads here. The smallest group was 1.123-inch, with the average just under 2 MOA. Jones’s.300 Whisper wildcat. Smallest five-shot groups at 100 yards, measured in inches. I used trimmed and formed .223 brass. I loaded these projectiles with IMR 4227 powder to the higher … For flexible usage, we provide our reloading data in metric and imperial dimension systems, i.e. Here is a comparison chart of the 277 Wolverine versus .223/5.56, 300 Blackout and 6.8 SPC. The 300 AAC Blackout delivers ballistic performance comparable to 7.62×39, yet possesses a base diameter that optimizes functionality in an AR-type platform. Only specific barrel and ammo testing will tell, though. The latest 300 BLK carbine adding to my load database is a DoubleStar wearing a 16-inch barrel. At 300, holdover is only 23.4 inches. Tap the, Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute. The average group size measured 1.75 inch, while the tightest was 1.697 inch. The .300 Whisper developed by J.D. The Loki’s adjustable gas block screw was typically turned out four full revolutions to allow enough gas to cycle and lock the bolt back on subsonic loads.