How do you identify the eastern indigo snake? Its primary threat is from habitat loss due to human development. The most notable feature of the eastern indigo snake is the lustrous, glossy, iridescent, blue-black coloration of the head and body. 1 of 28. Texas Indigos are similar in appearance to Eastern Indigos and have similar temperaments and captive care requirements. Each snake requires a large home range to forage, and urban sprawl is shrinking its usable habitat. Roads bisect its territory, and many snakes each year are … Indigo snakes are listed as threatened by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and are protected by the state of Texas. The Texas indigo snake is listed as a threatened species by the state of Texas. The Texas Indigo snake, also known as the blue indigo or by its scientific name “Drymarchon melanurus erebennus”, is a species of snake that lives in Texas and Mexico. By: Michael Price The “Eastern Indigo” snake or as most of us in Texas know it, the “Blue Indigo” is North Americas largest non-venomous snake. IF YOU SEE A LIVE EASTERN INDIGO SNAKE ON THE SITE: Cease clearing activities and allow the live eastern indigo snake sufficient time to move away from the site without interference; Personnel must NOT attempt to touch or handle snake due to protected status. These snakes can grow up to … indigo snake is harmless, because of its protected status this is a snake that you are not allowed to handle without a permit. Ranchers love this snake because it is fond of eating rattlesnakes. Texas Distribution: Drymarchon m. erebennus is found throughout much of the southern third of Texas, found as far north as San Antonio and Del Rio. Texas Indigo Snake Found in Texas and almost everywhere in Mexico, the Texas Indigo Snake is a large size snake that is a member of the colubrid family. Seminole Canyon State Park: "Early morning battle between a Diamondback Rattlesnake and a Texas Indigo snake.Didn't go so well for the rattlesnake. Dorsally, the Texas indigo snake is predominantly black in color, with a high sheen which gives its smooth scales a remarkable iridescent hue. Texas Indigo are known for … Texas Indigo. Once outside of the state of Texas, Texas Indigos are not protected and can be shipped across state lines without a permit. UVALDE COUNTY, Texas - It's not the kind of surprise you want to find in your house, but Uvalde County deputies say a blue indigo snake found in … Take photographs of the snake, if possible, for identification and documentation purposes. The snake remains protected by Texas state law. WILD ABOUT TEXAS: Harmless to humans, indigo snake protected The Texas indigo snake (Drymarchon corais erebennus) is a large non-venomous serpent. The Blue Indigo snake was not harmed and was released into nearby brush after capture. ... Watch video of a blue indigo snake taking on a western diamondback rattlesnake: Prey … Some locals call them “blue snakes”, “indigo snakes” and even “king snakes.” Hence, Blue Runner Snakes tend to have longer lifespan in the wild than other species of snakes. They are non-venomous and have been declared as a threatened species by the US state of Texas.